MochowWay A New Dumpling Obsession for Everyone

MochowWay: A New Dumpling Obsession for Everyone

Momo is enjoyed by everyone and is present, from fancy restaurants to street stalls. The popularity of momo has crossed communal and national boundaries and is growing in many parts of the world.  But have you ever thought about the journey of momo? How to order momos online? Best momos in Kathmandu? Well, search no more, MochowWay has come up to provide an exceptional flavor in every bite. You can order momos online as well. 

How Momo Comes to Limelight? 

Momo has possibly traveled the farthest distance of all cuisine. which only proves how these stuffed dumplings have grown over the years. Today, food entrepreneurs produce momos in bulk and sell them to vendors and kiosks whose sole purpose is to steam and sell them boiling hot with spicy sauce to ravenous consumers who can’t get enough of them.

What makes a Delicious momo?

Let’s dive to know how momos are cooked and their components. If the dough is fresh and of high quality, you can be confident that you will obtain a good momo. Some individuals even knead the dough with warm water. Whether the filling is meat or vegetables, it should be finely chopped and seasoned with ginger or garlic. Pour the water into the wheat flour and knead the mixture into a smooth paste. After that, shape into small, thin discs. Blend the meat into a paste with the onion, garlic, and ginger juice. Then, mix in the vegetable oil and spices. Spread the meat, garlic, onion, and spices mixture over each disc and fold it into a half-moon shape.

Now, momo is steamed in a multi-layer pan. Fill the bottom layer with water, then add salt, garlic, tomato, chili, and spices and bring to a boil on heat. Place the stuffed momo on top of the steaming pan and cover with the lid for 15 minutes, then it comes to preparing the distinctive momo sauce known as ‘achar.’ Cook for ten minutes with tomato, onion, green chilies, and garlic. Season with salt, sesame powder, mustard powder, and unique herbal spices to taste. The achar is now complete.

Turn off the heat after 15 minutes of cooking. Take the lid off and remove the momo. Place on a platter and top it with achar and season with spices. Now you can serve the momo for a delectable taste.

Wrap Up 

MochowWay provides an enticingly wide range of customized best momos in Kathmandu. So, go ahead and order momos online and you will get mouth-watering momos at pocket-friendly prices from MochowWay

Momo A day keeps hunger at the bay!

Keep ordering, keep enjoying.

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