Making Momos Healthier One Step At a Time

Making Momos Healthier One Step At a Time

If you have to name one dish that has escalated street food obsession to the next level, it has to be momos. Steamingly hot and delectable momos are a hit in every street, nook, and cranny of a city. From the smoky and charred tandoori momos and the classic steam momos to the somewhat bizarre yet delicious PBJ momos and sweet chocolate momos, these dumplings have taken over the culinary scene with great glory. 

Is momo your true love, but you are a health freak? Do you want tasty and healthy momos that don’t add to the calories you shed in those exhausting cardio sessions? If the answer is yes and you are craving the best momos in Kathmandu, Nepalese whole wheat steamed momos can be the answer to all your prayers!

Easy-peasy and nutritious

You might adore all types of momos but the authenticity and charm of steamed momos are unmatched. Unlike the conventional momo recipes, the wholewheat ones are free from fat while being tasty to their core. Steamed whole wheat momos taste heavenly and they are light on the stomach. You can customize the fillings with lots of veggies, chicken, or soya depending on your individual preference. 

The stuffing can have the goodness of carrots, cabbages, bell papers, mushrooms, and spices that are sauteed to perfection or it can have paneer/tofu, pork, chicken, shrimp, minced meat, lab, etc. Whole wheat momos can be served steamed, or in a jhol, chilly, or pan-fried recipe. The experts just use a simple rolling pin and a bowl of water to serve you the most tempting and enticing momos on a plate. 

The spiciness of the chutney can be adjusted according to your requirements. Order your custom-made recipe and take your tongue on a joy ride of sweet and spicy flavors. 

Your way-MochowWay

Do you want to customize your momo recipes? Are you looking for a healthier dough option like wholewheat, buckwheat, beetroot, herb & cheese, or spinach? Fret not! MochowWay is there with its tailor-made recipes. Whether you want something healthier for your hunger pangs, or you want to curate a uniquely healthy recipe, order momos online at MochowWay now. Ranging from classic hits to quirky dessert options like laddu momos, jalebi momos, PBJ momos, and snicker momos, our experts leave no stones unturned in surprising your taste buds. 
Craving deliciousness? Order from MochowWay now!

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