Not A Big Fan of Momos We have Reasons to Make you Fall for It

Not A Big Fan of Momos? We have Reasons to Make you Fall for It

Momo, the wildly popular dumpling, is loved by everyone. Although some people would like to claim that they cannot stand the dry exterior texture of Momos, the truth is that the same person cannot withstand the alluring aroma of the dumplings emanating from a street corner. If a friend goes there to enjoy a steaming hot plate of the “always delectable treats”, they can’t help but gobble a few from their friends.

Momo is thought to have become well-known as Tibetan refugees from China’s takeover of Tibet spread throughout India, settling in places like Dharamshala, Ladakh, Darjeeling, and Kolkata. Additionally, the Tibetan word Mog Mog, which implies a stuffed bun, is where the term Momo originates. Another widely accepted myth states that Newar traders who operated in Kathmandu brought the recipe from Tibet. Momo’s precise origins may be hazy, but there’s no denying that this delicacy tastes divine.

Well, too many fun facts and information are given, here are some prominent reasons why one will fall for momos and that spicy chutney.

  • Momos all time, every time

When the hunger pangs hit hard and the pocket is empty with the minimum amount left a momo vendor seems like an angel from heaven. You rush near him and munch on those hot, steamy, and bite-sized dumplings. Momo is truly a piece of Heaven on Earth that can be purchased at a reasonable price. Its alluring aroma lifts every form of blues from the head, its delicacy soothes our taste senses, and its nourishing fillings leave us feeling deeply fulfilled.

  • Unannounced Guests? Momos for Hospitality

There is nothing better than showing hospitality with a plate of Momos from the closest street vendor if you are the one who they are continuously bugging for a gift for a birthday that always falls through. Again, there is no better option than purchasing some Momos from the closest shop and showing them the utmost serving gesture if you do not feel like cooking for the large number of visitors who have unexpectedly arrived at your home at an odd hour of the day. The size of a momo always makes people subconsciously crave more because it’s easier for everyone to bite into it rapidly and consume it sooner. Moreover, the tasty fillings of a Momo wonderfully complement its soft and steamed outer texture making an eater get swoon away with the burst of flavors. Therefore, when several tiny flavor bombs are served to delight a guest’s or a friend’s heart, mind, and stomach, it will certainly make them feel that they have got a type of royal hospitality from you. 

  • A plethora of Flavours and Customization

The list of ingredients for Momos is vast and includes cheese, paneer, chicken, and vegetables. No matter the filling, a Momo’s flavor will never go out of style. Momos are for every mood. Momo is constantly there to make sure that its flavor somehow uplifts a person’s spirit from despair to happiness. In the meantime, the Momo continues to be a fantastic self-treatment for a joyous event because it is affordable and may make a person joyful. Try healthier momos at home, order customized momos, or walk in to have a hot plate of your favourite momos. It will always have the same intensity.

Momos for Eternity

The unquestioned “King” of street food, momo, has advanced significantly. It has found a place on our plates and in our hearts despite being straight from the streets of Nepal. Keeping aside all the unfavorable talk around the food, it continues to spread its momo-fever. So just purchase a platter of momos and indulge in its aromatic experience.

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