Craving for Delectable Momos: Top Five Recipes from MochowWay

Craving for Delectable Momos: Top Five Recipes from MochowWay

You must have tried steamed momos and fried momos. But how about pizza momos, chocolate momos, chowmein momos, or burger momos wrapped in your choices with gravy? Don’t you feel thrilled to know that your favorite recipes are about to deliver to your doorstep?

Since MochowWay has been added to the menu of eateries, big and small. In addition, there are momos like jam momos, and butter momos that are made with love for the customers. Wanted to know which momos can complete your hunger palate. Let’s get to know five lip-smacking momo recipes from mochowWay. You can also order momos online.

Flavors of MochowWay

Chocolate the name gives a craving to try it out as soon as the plate is served. The chocolate momos prepared by the chefs give a fresh aroma of chocolates, thinly wrapped with brownie and topped with chocolate fudge and chocolate flakes. Trust us when we say that you should give a try to our chocolate momos because you are going to buy them again and again.

Dessert Momos of MochowWay

Don’t you get excited by listening to laddu momos, jalebi momos, snicker momos, chowmeway sewai, and PB&J(peanut butter and jelly) momos? A great option for sweet lovers. Being a sweetaholic, it will feel like giving a twist to the normal veg/meat momo recipes. Our chefs can create unique momo recipes from scratch that is wholesome healthy, and nutritious. You can be well assured that your family and friends can enjoy a great treat. The laddu momos and PB&J momos give a different taste and promote a healthy dish to your full.

Chowmein Momos of MochowWay

The momos are prepared from batter coated with Bhatti ko noodles, classic, moto, thepcho, Mongolian grill, crispy fried, and thukpa. These momos are an identity among the young generation. The lightly fried chowmein is a Chinese dish and is commonly famous for evening snacks. Our chefs created these unique chowmein recipes from culinary goods and customized them with various stuffs of chowmein like Bhatti ko noodles, moto, Mongolian grill, etc.

Entree’s Momos of MochowWay

Have you ever tried beetroot juice? You must have tried. But what about beetroot momos? Interesting right? The main ingredients used to make this momo are atta, beetroot, buckwheat, herb and cheese, spinach, jhol, chilly, etc. This wholesome momo recipes are super healthy with warm, oozing stuff to make them delicious and the best comfort food. It is an easy snack and easily digestible to any age category.

Chef’s special Momos of MochowWay

Our chefs are so expert in making customized momos that they created their customized recipes as well like Gurkhey’s butter(chicken, buff, paneer) and Gurkhey’s fried rice(chicken, buff, paneer). These momo recipes can add variety to a jaded palate. Momos from MochowWay are a new dumpling obsession for everyone with certified chefs to look out for your culinary obsession.

Wrap Up

Every bite of momos from MochowWay offers an exceptional flavor that you can’t control your emotions without trying them. Get the best momos in Kathmandu with guaranteed 100% hygienic and tailor-made recipes.

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